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Whooping Cranes show at 513 indie rock club ATL, GA

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Whooping Cranes funky rock soul dance band
Garret Factory guitarist singer songwriter band
Crucial Dread world reggae soca calypso dance band
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Whooping Cranes - 'Rock with the Flock' CD Soundclips coming soon!


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Garret Factory - 'The Drive off the Map' CD (Live CD and first 3 songs are Bonus Studio Singles) **Real Audio Sound Bites; **Industrial Way, She's so Fine, Fun Revolution, Factory Overture, **Wanna Do It, Stuck on One Thing, **Average Guy, Maze of Dreams, **Second Thoughts, Whooping Crane, Party Doll, Days of the Funky Progression, **Tuff Americans, Life of a Fortress, **What's the Future, **It's Alrite, Love Ya Like Guacamole, Federal & International Law prohibit any form of duplication or use without written permission. All Rights Reserved - (copyrighted) Contact Interchange Records PO Box 450131 Atlanta, GA 31145-0131 USA These sound bites are recorded in Real Audio low-fidelity bit rate. For best quality audio, please purchase the CD product. The Band would appreciate it!---


Industrial Way

Wanna Do It

Average Guy

Second Thoughts

What's the Future

It's Alrite


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